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Summaries and Links
June 2003

6/27 The Windows registry checker runs every time Windows starts-up.

6/23 Links to Microsoft Office 2003 Beta 2 Technical Refresh updates for holders of the Beta 2 copies are here.  A quick glimpse at FrontPage 2003 Beta 2 + after the install didn't reveal much besides some icon changes.  I am comparing FP 2003 to Dreamweaver MX and may or may not switch from FP to Dreamweaver when the comparison is done.

6/19 Cleaning the laser lens in CD-RW and CD-ROM drives.

6/16 Advantages of putting the Windows XP i386 install folder on the hard disk drive.

6/10 Which DVD burner format?

6/6 ntfsdos and ntfs for windows 98

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