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Summaries and Links
March 2003

3/30 Data recovery software

3/28 Wired vs wireless networks pros and cons discussion

3/28 USB Flash Drives?

3/28 fdisk drive size limitations

3/26 Tips on Adding Windows XP to an Existing Network

3/26 Why does my computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP keep restarting itself?

3/25 Determining Motherboard Front Panel Connectors

3/24 What advice/comments do you have on repairing laptop computers?

3/19 Lindows/Linux versus Windows, and ready-made, low-end, cheap computers

3/19 Identifying a MODEM and finding a driver for it

3/19 Tools for erasing, partitioning, and formatting hard disk drives

3/19 Error Message: Cannot Delete File: File System Error (1026)

3/10 AdWare: real good stuff to get rid of spyware

3/10 Operating a projector with a laptop

3/10 Windpws Me: Cmdninst Caused an Invalid Page Fault

3/9 How to ID an AMD Processor

3/7 My Mom's Bean Soup

3/6 HP DeskJet paper feed problems

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