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Summaries and Links
October 2003

10/31 Windows XP Administrator's account disappeared

10/30 MyWeather

10/30 Motherboard Electrolytic Capacitor Failures

10/28 Stapling network cable

10/24 Can one use the unused wires in a network CAT 5 (and 5e, 6) cable for a telephone connection?

10/24 How does one wire an RJ-45 jack for a PC connection to a broadband router, switch, or hub?

10/24 What is ASP?

10/22 Besides the requirement that both plugs on a network patch cable be wired indentically, the specific order of the wires does matter (if you want the cable to work).

10/20 SHLWAPI.DLL not found error

10/20 Windows XP Bad Pool Caller

10/17 Free boot managers

10/16 Changes to Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Tools

10/16 Internet Explorer Page Cannot Be Displayed

10/16 Updated: Tips for Networking Windows XP

10/15 Managing and changing the pages on large web sites

10/6 msconfig for Windows 2000 and XP

10/6 Contents from a previous CD instead of the current CD are displayed in Windows XP.

10/2 Supported dual-boot configurations of various versions Windows versions

10/2 How can I test an AMD socket A Athlon processor to see if it has burned-up?

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